Personalizing a backgammon board

If you intend to buy a luxury backgammon board, you would certainly like yours to be a custom made one. You will first choose the size of your board.
Probably you would customize it by making it a leather backgammon board . In any case you must have the famous Svilo leather dice cups - a choice between 4 models and various colors. You would like to have backgammon precision dice . Three sizes and various colors available.

Backgammon board dimensions

The Compact size (33 mm checker) - suitable for home and travels,

The Golden-anchor size (40 mm checker) - suitable for both home, travels or tournaments.
Custom leather Golden Anchor backgammon boards

The King size (44 mm checker)- also called the championship size - is preferred in all major and international tournaments
Custom leather King Size backgammon boards

The Jumbo size (50 mm checker). The Jumbo backgammon board is the luxury piece good for high class chouettes and for dedicated players.
Custom leather Jumbo backgammon boards

Choosing the playing surface of a backgammon board

To customize a backgammon set, one can have various playing fields - made of leather, leatherette, wool felt, natural suede, suede fabric. They can be inlaid or printed. You can choose amongst various color patterns.

You can choose the exterior leather color.

One can further personalize a backgammon board by silk printing or embossing a logo.

If you don't care to study the vast possibilities of combining 4 sizes, various materials, colors, playing surfaces, dice cups, checkers, dice - standard or precision of different sizes; you can just click and pick and order from the product page. If you like to "get what you see" - to have a product once made and taken shot of - go to . To have the same 4 sizes and models personalized and custom made by your choice: pick the size and material from the dropdown menu above and email/call me about the changes required.