Leather Backgammon Board SB4001L

Model SB40
Product SB4001L
Exterior: black leather
Surface: red gum
Points: black and gray
Checkers: black and white
Cups: Svilo leather, black, bottom bumper, ribbed, bull lip
Dice: Precision, made in USA
Price: USD 350
Backgammon Board SB4001L
Backgammon equipment
Backgammon equipment.

S50 is the luxury jumbo backgammon board with a 50 mm (2") checker diameter.

S44 is the large backgammon board with a 44 mm (1.75") checker diameter.

S40 is the tournament backgammon board with a 40 mm (1.50") checker diameter.

S33 is the compact backgammon board with 33 mm (1.25") checker diameter.

Svilo backgammon boards are designed for luxury, ease of play and heavy duty. A standard backgammon set comes with leather dice cups.

Should you like to have a custom assembled backgammon set, you can choose various dice cups or precision dice, exterior color, playing surface, checker colors.